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2010 - Outstanding

2007 - Outstanding

What grades do Ofsted use?

We use a straightforward four-point grading scale to make a judgement on how well your provision meets each of the outcomes. We also use the scale to make an overall judgement on the quality of the childcare and, where applicable. on the quality of nursery education. The grades are:

  • Grade 1: Outstanding – given to exceptional settings that have excellent outcomes for children
  • Grade 2: Good – given to strong settings that are effective in promoting outcomes for children
  • Grade 3: Satisfactory – given to settings that have acceptable outcomes for children but who have scope for improvement
  • Grade 4: Inadequate – given to weak settings that have unacceptable outcomes for children.

Taken from Oftsed’s publication “Are you ready for your inspection?” January 2007 Ref HMI2447ABC.

2003 - Good

Gradings were changed by Ofsted after my 2003 inspection when good was the highest grade achievable.

For more information about how Ofsted grades childminders please go to their website

My ofsted page can be found here.